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Check-in & check-out

In the village there are no specific time limits during the stay, except for the check-in and check-out: the first takes place from 16:00 onwards, with the possibility to store luggage if you arrive early; the second at 12:00, except for emergencies.


The unique apartments are stocked daily with mountain spring water (stored in earthenware jars) and organic products for body care (created exclusively with Sardinian elements). Cleaning is performed daily.


Included in the price, our breakfast provides for the exclusive use of organic, fair trade and, where is possible, local products, as well as vegan, vegetarian and celiac food.

The service run from 8.00 until 11.00. On request you can anticipate the start time.


Immersed in a natural environment, your pets are more than welcome, except for those unruly and dangerous to the safety of others, as well as to the resort facilities.


For those who are interested, we organize trips and guided tours to the archaeological sites and to the main parks of Sardinia.

Extra (not included, on request)

For the little ones there is the possibility to have organic baby food.

For our animal friends there is the possibility of organic pet food.

Soon to be offered: a natural pool and a restaurant.


Sardinna Antiga s.n.c.
Santa Lucia di Siniscola, (NU) Sardegna - Italia
tel +39 392 537 7159

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